Review: Mecca Cosmetica “To Save Face SPF30+ Facial Sunscreen”


For some strange reason I’ve been struggling to find a SPF moisturiser. I take full responsibility for this because I’m extremely picky with what skincare products I purchase. At the end of the day, quality is most valuable to me. In this instance, I didn’t care if it the moisturiser was SPF15+ or higher, I didn’t care if it was available from the chemist or from a high-end store.  After back-and-forth research and constant deliberation between numerous brands, my curiosity to try Mecca Cosmetica’s sunscreen always remained in the back of my mind.

After several months of putting it off, I finally decided to head to Mecca and buy it. The biggest downside that, I think, didn’t make me buy it immediately was it’s price. It is currently selling for AUD $38, which in my opinion is incredibly expensive for a moisturiser/sunscreen. However, I was happily compensated by the product’s quality.

I’m always searching for reliable skincare products, and it’s always a gamble because I’m never sure what product will be compatible with my skin and which ones won’t. I’ve tried countless products through the years so when something suits my skin, I instantly know. Mecca’s sunscreen is now one of those few products.

This is a weightless, matte finish cream. Although it dries and feels weightless, the moisturiser’s consistency is thicker than regular day creams that I’ve used. Because of its thicker consistency, it means that a little goes a long way (which is another pro after spending $38 on it). I have combination skin during the hotter and more humid seasons, and drier skin during the colder months, so I’m hoping this is a product that I can carry out through the entire year.

To Save Face SPF30+ Facial Sunscreen is incredibly light, non-greasy, and smells like a dream (pomegranate, to be specific) so if you’ve struggled finding a good moisturiser with an SPF like I have, then I highly recommend this gem!

Available at your local Mecca store or online.

Happy shopping



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