Review: Zoe Foster Blake’s Go-To Skincare Range Part 1.

20160831_thefile_0589-760x507Photo of Zoë Foster (Blake) courtesy of The File.

When I read reviews online about people claiming a particular product is a holy grail for them, part of me didn’t really believe them because I didn’t have “holy grail products” of my own. It wasn’t until I used Go-To Skincare that I was able to proudly say, yep, I’ve got holy grail products of my own now. As someone who doesn’t wear makeup (only a lip colour from time to time), I wouldn’t know if these products work as well as they do for someone who does wear makeup. Since I don’t wear any makeup, I’ve been trying to keep my skin routine as simple and effective as possible. Over the past few years I’ve used and tested many brands, and Go-To is the only brand that I’ve used whose range of products are consistently good.

I found out about Foster-Blake’s brand the way I usually find out about skincare brands: Instagram. She has a large following on Instagram with half a million followers, as a mother to a cute toddler, wife to Hamish Blake (part of famous Australia comedic duo Hamish & Andy) and in her own right, she is a writer and creative spirit who is very honest and funny. As the creator of Go-To, the brand oozes her same wittiness and sarcasm whether it’s through packaging or in their emails. As someone who had no current loyalty to a brand and needed to find a cleanser ASAP, I decided to give Go-To a shot.

Last month I finally went to her website, bought some products and prayed that I didn’t just waste $100 on products that wouldn’t work for me. Thank heavens I took that gamble because with you as my witness, I can finally say that I’ve found myself not only a holy grail product, but a holy grail brand.



Properly Clean (Cleanser): I’ll be honest, I didn’t watch the video that was on the page because I was desparate for a cleanser, so I had no idea what texture the cleanser would be. To my delight, it’s a non-foaming and non-creamy cleanser (more mousse-like). If you’re not a fan of strong scents, I’d hate to be the bearer of bad news but this cleanser has a zesty kick to it (from the natural frangrances of ginger, mandarin and lime). I’ll take products with natural fragrances from synthetic ones anyday so this cleanser is 100% A-OK with me.

I use the Properly Clean in the morning and at night, and as silly as it sounds, this cleanser makes me excited to get up and have a shower because I have something to look forward to. Super soft and gentle, and would be suitable for every skin type.


Very Useful Face Cream (Moisturiser): This might be my favourite moisturiser of all time. Not only does the smell remind me of something from my childhood (don’t ask me because I still haven’t figured it out), but its ingredients list is impressive. Packed with everything I want in a moisturiser like shea butter, sweet almond oil, sunflower oil and beeswax, my face feels like its actually soaking everything up unlike other moisturisers where it just feels like a layer on your face. I find that this moisturiser works best in conjunction with their facial oil as it glides easier and you can feel the product soaking in.

Another thing I look for in skincare products is if they’re travel friendly. For domestic flights within Australia, there aren’t any restrictions of liquids but I always think ahead to when I will eventually travel internationally where I’ll have to only bring products 100mL or under. Looking for a day/night cream that not only does what it says, but also is travel-friendly wherever you go? Very Useful Face Cream is your guy.


Face Hero (Facial Oil): My favourite Go-To product, hands down. I have combination skin but during the colder seasons, my face becomes dry and crusty. It’s extremely hydrating, soothing and as soon as you lather it on, it brightens your face. It’s currently retailing at $45AUD and although this may seem a bit pricey, but for the quality and the amount of use you’ll get out of it, it’s definitely worth the money. Even if you aren’t keen on the other products, Face Hero is the one to spend your money on. There’s not more I can say about this besides that I use this everyday and you’ll 100% love it to, whether you have oily skin to dry skin.

The ingredients include:
Almond oil, jojoba oil, macadamia oil, brazil nut oil, evening primrose oil, buriti oil, arnica oil, rosehip oil, calendula oil, kiwi fruit seed oil, tocopherol (vitamin e), totarol, rosemary leaf extract, natural fragrance (orange blossom & rose gardenia.)


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